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NOTE: Some photos below lighted to see details!



#2240 - c. 1907-1912 Spectacular Neo-Classical Stylized Floral Fully Beaded Edwardian Ball Gown! I wish I could date this gown exactly, but it's such high-style that it could be as early as 1907 (same year Poiret designed a 1811 gown for his wife, Denise). The neo-classical look of a flowing Grecian robe "updated and fancied up" into an elaborate floral beaded black net overdress on a ruby red silk sheathe. The beading is superb using graduated colored bugle beads to create subtle shadings in the stylized roses. Some photos are lightened to show the draping of the net beading  at back and under the arms (again, the Grecian influence). May have had a bow or some detail at one side to hide more of the red underdress (as that seems to me the only detail that isn't quite perfect. Who knows!  The interior of the gown isn't beautiful (as is the case in many Edwardian gowns), but the exterior is a masterpiece!  Excellent condition. The inner bodice measures:  39" bust, 34" waist, 59" long from shoulder to hem!

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study