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#2198 - c. 1876 Spectacular Lace Princess Bustle Gown of Lace and Silk Ornamental Balls! Amazing Large Size!! A most opulent gown with incredible ornamentation and panache! In Excellent condition. This is a one piece princess gown. The gown is entirely comprised of lace over a silk lining. Detailing includes lace draping from the front to back at the bustle, a lace trim surrounding the low neckline, lace cuffs, alternating lace with silk pleated ruffles at the hemline. The gown buttons up the front with original covered buttons that are all there. The sleeves are all lace (I stuffed with tissue, but they are sheer). The most incredible feature are silk covered balls that trim the front of the gown and follow the back bustle area with seven on each side. These are in great shape except for one that has unraveled. The gown is trimmed under the stiffened hemline with a lace duster that sweeps the gown except for one section in the back which is missing. This gown is strong, clean and very wearable!!
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study

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