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#2090 - c. 1820's RARE Sky Blue Silk Ballgown with Coral Silk Rouleau Trim! If you are like me, then going to see "Emma" or "Pride and Prejudice" has very little to do with the fact that Jane Austen was an accomplished writer, or the fact that Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow are great actresses (although all are true).. no... if you are like me, then you go so you can sit and watch 2 hours of antique fashions!! You surreptitiously wipe away the bit of drool from the corners of your mouth during the ballroom scenes when all the ladies decked in their finery! Ah.. now that's a great movie! So here is the Rare, Real Thing! This sky blue silk ballgown dates to early 1820's with moderately high waist, round low neckline, almost off-the-shoulders. Padded/wadded triple silk rouleau trim at skirt bottom. Handstitching (of course). Round, puffed short sleeves. Broad band at sleeve cuff. Muslin-lined. The gown is in excellent condition for it's age.. and the fact that the lady would have danced in it! The silk is lightweight, but strong and clean throughout -- no shattering. The colors are fresh. This ballgown has not been altered. The bodice should fasten in back with two sets of hooks and eyes. At the upper back of the bodice; the hook is there, but there is 1/4" hole where the eye would have been. There is another 1/4" hole at the waist eye as well (though this should be covered with sash). There is some fading to the blue silk underneath the arms, and there is a small hole/tear under one arm, near the seam, about the size of half of a quarter (it's barely seen when displayed. I had to hold up the sleeve to photograph hole). There is some wear to the coral silk rouleau, here and there, at the crease of the fabric. In some small areas, the silk has worn, but the amount of actual wear is quite minimal! Measures: 30" bust, 22" waist, 55" long from shoulder to hem, 70" skirt circumference. Please note, the sash is just a new pink ribbon for show, and doesn't come with the gown. So... now close your eyes and imagine the young lady in this gown, in a most fashionable color and style, gliding across the polished ballroom floor with her "Mr. Knightly". Ah... the closest you will get to a time machine!
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study