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#1767 - 1877 Awesome Embroidery Trained Bustle Gown! One of the most extraordinary gowns I've seen! This is for display or collection since it's small (barely 30" bust), but OH, WHAT A GOWN! The photos do not do it justice. I had to lighten the black silk satin to show the detail, but that means that the embroidery is lightened as well. In person the embroidery is as VIBRANT as the day it was made!! And what a style! No, the gown is not perfect. The embroidery IS, but the black satin has "brused" (see the photos of close-ups of shoulders). The satin has worn down to the backing and also on the folds of the hemline pleats. There are a few other minor area, but these are the most promenent. You are buying the gown for the look, design and the embroidery!
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study