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#1660 - c. 1904 Black Etamine Fancy Trained Reception Gown appliqued in Taffetas!
What the heck is Etamine, you ask?? I don't know! I was given that name for this fabric from the previous (very well informed antique clothing person), so I'm sure it's the right name, and since I can't describe it any other way.. well, it's Black Etamine. It's like a woven open net linen, sort of. What do you care? It's gorgeous whatever it is! And black is so hard to be gorgeous!!! This gown is dripping with charm, appliques of black taffeta in rose patterns, great block patterns, and full of hanging bows. I added the black slip under the skirt, but doesn't come with the outfit. Belt and neckpiece are original and separate. Excellent condition. The photos will say more than I can. Very wearable and strong.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study