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#1502 - c. 1939 Fabulous Straw Hat with Chartreuse Floral Decorations! With Provenance! Label: Maretta Feeley, 6 E. 53rd Street, NYC. I will not let this hat go cheaply... it kills me to let it go at all... The most fantastic curvy, twisty, high straw hat I've ever seen! Look different from every angle. Smothered in tiny chartreuse velvet flowers with speckles of lavender stamens, deep brown velvet ribbon and veiling. Perfect, Excellent condition right down to the original two matching straw hat pins!! Not only a great hat, but with provenance... owned by the daughter of the Ambassador to Luxembourg, Miss H. Westlake of #1 5th Ave, NYC. Hats of this era were often quite tall, and this is no exception. If you have a hat collection and you are seeking the ultimate from each era, look no further. (Thanks for historical dating assistance Neil!)

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display