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#1197 - c. 1900 Renaissance Revival Fancy Ball Gown of Heavy Silk and Lace encrusted with Pearls, Beads and Rhinestones - Owned by Victorian Actress LuLu Glaser! Oh my word! I take great delight in allowing you a glimpse of the Gilded Age at it's height! When Mrs. Vanderbilt was throwing her lavish costume balls in Newport and inviting the creme de la creme. (I'm sure I was there in a past life!) And Ms. Lulu Glaser was sure to be one! A renowed turn-of-the-century comedic singer/actress.. she was so popular that she had the finances to start her own Opera Company! As for her gown, you just have to click on the photo and take a look at the unbelievable detailing of this gown. I have never seen... nor will I likely ever see its equal. This gown came from STERN'S New York (label inside). I have seen a few other turn-of-the-century fancy gowns from Stern's and they were also extraordinary. Must have been quite a shopping experience! Now, I have to tell you that the bodice of this gown is in Very Good condition with just a few silk slits in the belt. But the skirt is in Poor condition with much silk shattering. Yet all the beading is in tact!! It is a MUSEUM PIECE to delight your eye in photos and make you wish it were 100 years ago!
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study