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- c. 1895 Parisian Grey Silk and Beaded Fancy Ball Gown! Morin Blossier - rue Daunou, Paris Label! Yes... it's true.. I nearly tackled a guy to purchase this gown! At an antique show... this was purchased by someone two minutes before I was going to purchase.. but did I let that stop me? I asked the dealer who bought it and she pointed to him out on the sidewalk....and I asked if he would he sell it to me. To my delight, he said OK. Anyway, now that you have the complete story, if you've been able to read all this and keep your eyes off the dress. Excellent condition heavy grey silk satin 2-piece gown with huge sleeves with black chiffon over. The same black chiffon at neck line and then comes the beading... black and steel beads dangling in a scalloped pattern on the front of the skirt and both front and back of bodice! Completely intact!!! How is that possible!!! Lined in grey silk in remarkably good condition (just a few minor splits but still fairly strong). The beading has oxidized with the fabric in storage and there are "phantom" bead marks on the silk (see photos).. mostly under the beading. However, there is one area on the front of the skirt that must have touched beads in storage and that is marked as well.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study