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(lightened above to show black details)

#1177 - c. 1880's Museum Quality PARISIAN Micro Beaded Floral Design Mantle in Autumn Hues with Black Lace Trim! Labeled L. Espinasse - Confections Hte Nouveaute - 17. Rue du 4 Septembre- Paris. Oh goodness... and I swore I would never sell this piece! I mean, how many times in your lifetime have you seen anything like this not in a museum? Labeled "L. Espinasse - Confections Hte Nouveaute - 17. Rue du 4 Septembre- Paris." This is all BEADED with tiny micro beads almost in a grid pattern on black net base to create the magnificent "William Morris" style floral motif. the beading and lace and black satin is in Excellent condition... 2" beaded fringe. Black silk lining. Label is still firmly attached. There is a black lace peplum under fitted waist which continues over shoulders and neck and down front. Hand-made lace? Sure looks it to me, but I took a close-up photo for you really knowledgeable lace folks. Piece closes with hooks at front and really has no measurements as it just drapes over shoulders, but shoulders are small, so please take note. Black silk satin bows and ribbons at back and front waist.
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study