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#1125 - c. 1930's Luxurious Satin Beaded Wedding Gown! I have never (in all my 30+ years of collecting) seen another beaded 30's satin gown like this. And compared to modern wedding gowns, it would cost twice this to find as amazing a slinky gown! The beading is unique... various hues of clear/gray bugle beads sewn on to hidden crochet base. The image created looks like glistening gray sand rather than shiny beads. Very subdued, very natural with varied shadings. SO I keep thinking this gown would be the perfect choice for a formal seashore wedding. You will look like a sexy 1930's version of Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Beauty, born of sea-foam. I might carry shell-shaped orchids. The shape, material and placing of beaded panels will accentuate all your curves. The beaded panels trail a bit beyond the satin train. The back is even more beautiful than the front. Excellent condition with just extreme minor satin bruises and 2-3 surface light spots at upper thigh.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display