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# 11106 - c. early 1950's CHRISTIAN DIOR- New York ORIGINAL Deep Navy Silk Taffeta Dress with Tassel Fringe!  There is 1954 Christian Dior New York Original gown in the Indiana State Museum with the original price tag of $ 395 which calculates to $3,258 in 2011 (slightly more for 2013!), so figure about $3,400.  This dress might have been slightly less, but not by much.... so perhaps $3,000 in today's dollars!  The ORIGINAL label is better than the Christian Dior New York label without the "original".  Just sayin'! :)  Now, you have to go look at the photos of the tasseled fringe all around the wide huge portrait collar of this dress.  Really... I'll wait for you...  Nice, huh?  I've had an Adrian dress with similar tassels on the dress. Buttons up the front and hooks at the front waist. As you can see, it's well-made with the inner boned corset.  Short sleeves.  Wiggle tight skirt.  Excellent condition except for a tiny tear at the stress points at the very bottom of the pocket on each side.  Oh, and one tassel is hanging at the back.   Probably an easy fix if I knew how to even sew on buttons!!! :)  Yeah, I know... I should learn how to handle a thread/needle.  Measures:  33/34" bust, up to 24" waist, up to 34" hips, 25" long from waist to hem.  A classic dress from a classic designer!  Museum worthy!

SOLD....  But on Display for RESEARCH or STUDY

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