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#1057 - c. 1930's WORTH Burgundy Velvet Opera Coat!! If you know Antique Clothing, you know WORTH. This extraordinarily soft burgundy velvet coat has extraordinary detailing... .just what you'd expect of a Worth piece. The coat has the Worth Label and coordinating numbered tag under the label. I can't guarantee the date of this piece. It COULD be 1890's from the sleeve style and the catalog number, however the style of the construction of this piece relates much more to the 1930's. I've had this coat/label confirmed by an expert as authentic. The condition is NEAR MINT on the exterior... all the velvet and detailing. I've never seen a more luxurious treatment of velvet than on this garment's collar! The sleeves are "leg-o-mutton" in style with large puffs all the way to the elbow. The "buckle" design in velvet is masterful. Matching burgundy silk lining.
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study