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#0957 - 1840's Straw Poke Bonnet with Original Ribbons! Fabulous early hat! Often these hats are found with the original ribbons missing. Why? Well, if you watch some of the recent Jane Austin movies/miniseries ("Sense and Sensibility", "Emma"), you will see scenes of the women re-decorating their hats. This was common practice. That way you could have a new hat whenever you wanted! Remember, they didn't have local shopping malls!! :) The key was to start with a great base. And this is one. Fine leghorn straw edged in a fine straw detail at the edges. Flat round hat back. Excellent condition for a hat of this age. There are a small scattering of breaks in the straw at the back left (see photos), but other than that, it's just that the original silk interior lining is missing, and the hat lies a bit flat when not on the head.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display